What is Nucca chiropractic technique?

The NUCCA chiropractic method is a gentle and safe form of chiropractic care, with a focus on long-lasting results. The procedure focuses on decompressing the brainstem and spinal cord and balancing the entire spine back to balance under gravity.

How does Nucca chiropractic work?

So rather than muscling a bone into place, a NUCCA doctor is able to use the patient position, gravity, and their own body mass against the resistance and tap the top bone back under the skull and over the spine. This gentle, precise movement is the NUCCA Correction.

How do I become a Nucca chiropractor?

NUCCA Chiropractors practicing in the United States are required to have passed a series of four national board exams which evaluate them on their understanding of the basic sciences, clinical sciences, physiological therapeutics, diagnostic imaging, case management, and clinical competency.

What is Nucca?

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

What happens after Nucca adjustment?

After an adjustment, you may not notice anything at first and will only notice gradual improvements over time. Other people will feel an instant change in symptoms, such as noticeable pain relief and reduced stress. Immediately after, you can expect some discomfort for up to two to four days after your adjustment.

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Does Nucca chiropractic really work?

Bottom line, NUCCA chiropractic is a powerful, natural alternative for improving overall health and while it may not be the answer for all health issues, for the problems it can address, it has a proven, high success rate, is safe, non-invasive and painless.

Is Nucca covered by insurance?

Some of the adjustments like NUCCA and Qsm3 don’t have cracks and sound. Most of these adjustments are based off math and physics of the spine and are very specific. Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Visits? Yes, we take PPO’s and Medicare.

Can Nucca help sciatica?

We have seen NUCCA help hundreds of patients with Sciatica. This approach is a very precise and gentle correction that realigns the spine by correcting the position of the Atlas bone – allowing full healing of issues in the spinal cord, including sciatic nerve pain.

Is upper cervical chiropractic safe?

This means that upper cervical adjustments are extremely safe considering they do not rotate, twist, or aggressively move the position of the head or neck. Most importantly, proper evaluation helps to identify situations that are amenable to chiropractic care and those that are not.

Can Nucca help scoliosis?

What Does a NUCCA Doctor Do for Scoliosis? NUCCA doctors are trained not only in identifying postural distortion factors related to scoliosis, but also in correcting them. NUCCA doctors take extremely precise images of the structures that surround the brainstem to find out exactly where that pressure is coming from.

Can Nucca help tinnitus?

Only NUCCA or another Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique can do this. We have seen many patients with Tinnitus get better in our office after a NUCCA correction and we have seen many people notice improvement in their hearing loss after a correction as well.

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Is Atlas Orthogonal quackery?

Atlas orthogonal is a highly effective, non-manipulative and painless treatment solution for anyone suffering with back and neck pain, pinched nerves, sciatica, vertigo, bulging or herniated discs, migraines and a wide array of many other conditions.

What is an upper cervical adjustment?

An Upper Cervical Chiropractor takes great care in determining where a misalignment is in the spine and then corrects this misalignment with a precise adjustment. This serves to restore proper brain to body communication by removing interference or distortions, allowing the body to once again generate health.

Has a chiropractor ever broken a neck?

A chiropractor whose patient’s neck broke during treatment has told an inquest she had “never experienced anything” like it. Arleen Scholten was treating 80-year-old John Lawler at Chiropractic 1st in York in August 2017 when he became unresponsive.

What is the most effective chiropractic technique?

Gonstead Technique

It is known as one of the most precise and effective methods to relieve pain and promote optimal alignment of the spine. It is a manual (hands-on) technique in which a chiropractor adjusts the lower back or pelvis.

How do I know if my atlas is misaligned?

How Can I Tell If I Have A Vertebral Subluxation?

  1. neck pain, tenderness, soreness and stiffness.
  2. back pain, tenderness, soreness and stiffness.
  3. headaches.
  4. dizziness or balance problems.
  5. spinal muscle spasm, tightness or weakness.
  6. reduced spinal mobility.
  7. pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities.
  8. joint pain and stiffness.
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