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National Journal Of basic Medical Sciences (NJBMS) is an indexed , peer reviewed medical journal published by Society for Basic Medical sciences , Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupanada Variyar Medical College Salem, Tamilnadu India. First of its kind in India, the scope of NJBMS includes articles in preclinical and paraclinical disciplines i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry , Pathology ,Microbiology, Pharmacology and Medical education.

NJBMS has an integrated  approach towards research. Hence, NJBMS is not averse to articles from clinical disciplines along with tenets of basic medical sciences. Going strong in its fifth year,  NJBMS continues to provide an innovative  platform for faculty as well as postgraduate students ( of medicine, dentistry, Physiotherapy , pharmacy etc.) for quality research.

Previous Volumes and Themes:

Volume 1  -  Confluence of knowledge and a journey thru….

Volume 2  -  Confluence of knowledge and a journey thru….

Volume 3  -  An emblem of enlarging experience (Physiology)

Volume 4  -  Powerfully professional platform for academic Heights   and glory (Pharmacology)

Volume 5  -  Intra cellular voyage’s extraordinary education ….visage….Message (Pathology)    

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